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Our Success Story

     Mark Myrowich was in desperate need for quality staff to work in his Manufacturing company ECBVerdyol in rural Manitoba, Canada. The opportunity for Ukrainians to obtain a 3 year work visa through the Canadian Ukrainian Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) Program was the perfect opportunity to match needs with helping Ukrainians in Canada. 
      With 25 successful placements in Mark’s 2 factories and news coverage on local TV something unexpected happened. He realised the quality of the Ukrainian talent was much better than expected and he now had more people than he needed. When the word got out, other business owners asked how he did it and could he do the same for them? 
     "With a talent shortage in Canada and a talent surplus coming from the Ukraine. We figured out how to connect the two for the benefit of all". 
     Myrowich Staffing Agency was born from this need to get people into the right seats with the right companies in Canada.

Mark Myrowich - Owner & CEO

Our Values


Targeted Search

There are thousands of hard-working Ukrainians around the world waiting for job opportunities in Canada. They are able to travel and work here under the CUAET Program, but many of them are already here, looking for jobs.

Our staffing agency can both fast track overseas talent to you and help to establish connection with the ones that are here. Simply let us know what talent your business is looking for and we will scan the planet for you.


Personal Approach

Once your Job descriptions are in our system, a Recruiter is assigned to start searching for Candidates right away. They are the conduit between the Candidates and you keeping both up to date.

During the recruitment process, before we even send you a resume, we verify the Сandidates skills, language and paperwork so you can be assured their information is accurately represented


Continuous Assistance

It doesn’t end when their first day starts with you. We work with the candidate to guide them to achieving Permanent Residency (PR) status once 6 months of working in your company is completed (requirement for applying for PR). Our Guarantee is if we can select the right person and you can provide the most detailed info on your workplace, the candidate will stay a minimum of 6 months. If they love your company and are the right fit, they will stay indefinitely. 

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Home Welcoming Myrowich Style.
Our Secret to securing you the best.

  We found you the best talent, now we need to bring them Home” They are not just coming for a job but a home and we show them what that will look like. Schools, Housing, Daycare, Safety (even our cold winters;) are all concerns of Ukrainians moving to Canada. With your help we paint the picture for them of what their new lives will look like, how they can afford to live and play in your community. The more we can show them their new home, the higher the quality of the match and longevity in your workplace. 

Services We Provide

Whether you run a small / mid-sized business or a large corporation, we’ve got you covered. Select the type of service below according to your business needs and let us find the right people for you!

Full-Service Recruitment 

Need a general labourer staff? You’ve come to the right place!

$2,500 per placement

Skilled Trades Job Recruiting

Our Skilled Trades Recruiting services offer a wide variety of career opportunities to experienced Candidates that are in high demand.

 $5,000 per placement

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Our Team


Yurii Lavryk

Recruitment Specialist

+ 1 (431) 293 1626



Dmytro Ishchenko

Recruitment Specialist

+1 (431) 334 4064



Andrii Podyma

Marketing manager

+1 (431) 792 2266


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Group Placement Strategy

Myrowich Crews are vetted, similar skilled Candidates grouped together for rapid deployment to your company. We match the synergy of such a group in accordance with your job requirements and duties, so that you can save time and training costs and focus on other relevant aspects of your business.
Now, one might say “That’s great but do they speak English?”. Well, some of them do, but if not, there is a way to break this barrier and we are glad you asked.
Let's say your company is looking for 6-10 construction workers as soon as possible. We select 5-9 experienced Ukrainian Candidates (some may not have English), and put a verified English speaking Candidate who can communicate with you and the Myrowich Crew. This way, you get maximum skill and ready to go and communicate with you. Talent comes in all languages and a Myrowich Crew ensures you have the highest talent available without a communication barrier.
Accelerate your Staffing by hiring a Myrowich Crew today!

How It works for your Candidates


They fill it out online and give us as much information as they can



Myrowich verification 



By understanding the Candidates and the Companies fully, we will have the most success for all parties involved.

Our Clients


Our clients say

Find out why so many companies prefer us over others!

"We are so grateful to Myrowich Staffing Agency for helping us find the perfect Candidates for our open positions. Without their help, we might still be struggling to find the right fit. The Ukrainian Candidates have been a valuable asset to our team and have helped us to achieve our business goals."

October 29, 2022


Michael J. Lee 

President & Owner, Mercury Specialty Products Inc.

"I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Myrowich Staffing. The recruiter, Yurii, was incredibly helpful, responsive and efficient. I think what they are doing is wonderful. It's always positive when it benefits both sides, when finding someone who is very high quality, with a good work ethic and helping them to integrate into the Community, then it's good for both sides. Getting people to do what they are good at and what they like to do is amazing. I would definitely recommend them to others."

October 10, 2022


Lisa LoScerbo

 CEO of Best Care Dry Cleaners in Winnipeg

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