Skilled Trades Job Recruiting

Mark Myrowich - Owner & CEO

Need skilled trades, office talent, or professional skills with English? 

      This option goes deeper into finding the right skilled talent for you that are already in Manitoba or maybe overseas. We spend the time to verify the Candidate's resume to ensure they will fill your requirements. We will help with as many interviews as required and drive them to your place of business so you can meet them firsthand and even test their skills if needed. The recruiter we assign to your file will also ensure the skilled Candidate knows full well about your business and culture so that they feel comfortable accepting this job, this will ensure that they will stay for years to come. 
     From the point of first contact, your personal recruiter to keep in touch, support and follow up after the placement. Our representative is going to be there for you to ensure transparency and understanding between you and the Candidates.
     By understanding the Candidates and the Companies fully, we will have the most success for all parties involved.
*Skilled Trades job positions: painters, drywalls, electricians, welders, carpenters, plumbers, heavy machinery operators, technicians, heavy-duty mechanics, supervisors, managers, administrators, coordinators, executives, IT developers & programmers, chefs, technologists.