Full-Service Recruitment 

Mark Myrowich - Owner & CEO

Need a general labourer staff? You’ve come to the right place!

          A full-time recruiter will be assigned to find you the right people for your Job for the entire time of your subscription period. After translating the job description, our recruiter searches through the database, finds Candidates matching your requirements, and presents their resumes for your review. Next, you get assistance in scheduling and carrying out the interviews your request.        Our representative will schedule the introductory interview online and provide simultaneous translation during the process if required. Additionally, we are going to take care of the initial interview transportation of the Candidates to your site (if less than 100 km away from Winnipeg - mileage fee beyond 100km).         We will work with you until you have the positions filled and the Candidates are on your payroll. If the Candidate leaves during your subscription, we will replace the candidate at no additional charge.
*General Labourer positions: handymen, farm helpers, construction labourers, warehouse associates, production workers, cooks, movers, and dry cleaners.Unlimited replacements during your subscription