Small Rural Manitoba Town Sees Influx of Ukrainian Immigrants

Small Rural Manitoba Town Sees Influx of Ukrainian Immigrants

The small town of Riverton, Manitoba has recently seen an influx of Ukrainian immigrants, thanks to the efforts of Myrowich Staffing Agency. The agency, which specializes in connecting immigrant workers with employment opportunities, has helped bring a number of skilled Ukrainian workers to the town.

According to Mark Myrowich, owner of Myrowich Staffing Agency, "There are many Ukrainians looking to find the right small town with the right jobs to settle in, not all want to live in the larger cities."

The Ukrainian immigrants have already made a positive impact on the community of Riverton. Corey Palson, Councillor for the RM of Bifrost Riverton, said, "We are thrilled to have these young new immigrants in our area as they have already contributed to our economy and life of our community."

The Ukrainian immigrants have decreased the average age of the town, and have brought children to the schools and daycare. They have also proven to be reliable and quality workers for the farms, stores, restaurants, and factories in the area.

"We are grateful to have the help of Myrowich Staffing Agency in bringing these talented individuals to our community," said Palson. "Their contributions have already been invaluable, and we look forward to seeing how they will continue to positively impact our town in the future."

Riverton with a population of 530 people has seen 20 new immigrants move in the last 6 months. That is equivalent to 30,000 immigrants moving to Winnipeg in the same time period. . 

If your town is  looking for an influx of ukrainian immigrants and your business’s need to hire skilled immigrant workers, consider reaching out to Myrowich Staffing Agency. Their expertise in connecting businesses with top talent can help you find the right employees for your needs.